Advanced Video Classes Make Sports Promos

Haley Bass, Staff Writer

The advanced film classes recently started creating promotional videos for the girls basketball team. Multiple videos will be released once a week until the start of basketball season in November. 

“I have a vision for promoting the girls basketball program, and I had a media plan that I’ve always wanted to do,” girls basketball coach Daniel Devisscher said. “I think it’s really cool, students promoting students to our community and making both the media team and the basketball team an exciting point of reference for everybody.”

Devisscher commissioned this project to the class earlier this year. Students had to film and edit the videos themselves. 

“I just had some ideas and put it in their hands and said ‘don’t hold back,’” Devisscher said. “Knowing from my basic experience with working with videos, I thought they did a really amazing job.”

In this process, EagleVision students acted as a media business with Devisscher as their client. This meant they had to reshoot and re-edit footage to their client’s exact specifications.

“From this process, students are going to learn more of a client-business relationship,” audio-visual teacher Neda Morrow said. “That back and forth process is a part of the career world that they can do, and it’s very important for students to incorporate career elements into their education.”

In the past, Morrow’s members of the audio-visual classes have been asked and paid to film weddings. Now they are working towards promos and potentially commercials in the future. 

“The process was pretty enjoyable,” junior Jeffery Ptak said. “It was a little frustrating whenever you were told ‘this isn’t right’ or ‘this isn’t what they want’ and we had to do it over, but it was fun.”