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Red Baron Gives Cash Awards to CTE Students

Red Baron Gives Cash Awards to CTE Students


June 15, 2020

Recently, the Red Baron Building Company provided five awards of $500 each to students in the career and technology department. "Red Baron enjoys supporting our community, and in particular, the students who will define the future of our community," Red Baron Building Company President, Jerry Alexander...

CMA Class Continues to Prepare for Certification

Students in Sally Clemmons' CMA classes prepare for their certification test by practicing sutures on fruit.  This photo was taken before the Covid-19 crisis closed down the schools.

Andrew Velarde, Staff writer

April 16, 2020

UPDATE: This story was developed before the Covid-19 crisis shut down the schools.  Students in the CMA program are currently working at home via distance learning.  They walk into the lab with a multitude of different equipment laying on the tables. They look around knowing that this lab will pr...

District Moves to Online Curriculum, WiFi Options Available

District Moves to Online Curriculum, WiFi Options Available

Kevin Willis, Staff Writer

April 4, 2020

     Because of the recent pandemic, Lindale ISD has taken the initiative to move to an online curriculum. For students in a household with no internet access, there are still alternative ways to participate.      “Some are doing their work on their cell phone,” instructional techno...

How to Take Quality Photos On A Cellphone

How to Take Quality Photos On A Cellphone

Haley Bass, Staff Writer

April 4, 2020

Although cell phones may have been made to take a call or text your friends, most of us use it to take photos on an almost daily basis. Constantly developing technology means that some of the newer phones on the market can take pictures of the same quality as a fancy camera- that is, if you know how to use ...

Houston Livestock Show Cancellation Causes Unexpected Problems for FFA Students

Sophomore Brooklyn Gilleland poses with her goat for a picture. This was before the Houston FFA Livestock Show was canceled.

Marlee Sorrells, Staff Writer

March 28, 2020

The FFA livestock show in Houston on March 11 was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Students from across the state were sent home and lost the opportunity to earn money through the show. “For our students that raised market animals it was a loss of money for them,” FFA sponsor Stephen...

Senior Explores Options as Student Computer Technician

Senior Explores Options as Student Computer Technician

Phoenix Pittman, Staff Writer

March 15, 2020

Walking into the Altex store, an 11-year-old boy with his uncle points to different hardware components.  The boy’s uncle guides him, choosing $500 dollars worth of hardware for a custom personal computer. At the time, he doesn't know this is the moment that will spark a love for electronics, eventua...

FFA Goes To Area Convention And Competes At County Show

Junior Easton Rushing prepares his sheep for show.

Caroline Phillips, Social Media Editor

March 5, 2020

FFA has recently attended the Area VI convention and has competed in their county show Wed. through Fri. Each member has competed in different categories, and multiple students placed.  “These shows are crucial to our FFA students,” agricultural mechanics teacher Casey Jones said. “This gives us a ch...

Engineering Class Programs Music

Senior Stefan Gregg works on programming a song with the Arduino. “We have to learn how to put a Breadboard together and attach it to the Arduino to bring the code into it,” Gregg said. “If you have any music knowledge, you use that to get the correct notes.”

Brady Blaylock, Video Editor

February 27, 2020

The Engineering Design and Problem Solving class is programming music with an Arduino Uno device. Two students are paired together to program the song "Row Row Row Your Boat," and then they will program another song of their choosing. “I know how to program and my partner knows how to do the musi...

Maintenance Class To Build Computers

Students in computer maintenance open the side panel to prepare inserting the CPU and Motherboard in the case. This is the first year for the computer maintenance class.

Sam Lee, Staff Writer

January 31, 2020

The computer maintenance class is currently working on a project to build their own computers. With the help of the Career and Technology Department (CTE) and the district technology team, students will pick out parts, pay for them, and turn them into working computers.  “I think it’s an excellent opportunity,"...

Construction Technology Class Builds Rocking Chairs

Construction Technology Class Builds Rocking Chairs

Caroline Phillips and Jude Ratcliff

January 12, 2020

Three days left of his one week deadline. He had been given a week to work on the chair, and he was determined to get that ribeye steak from Texas Roadhouse Earlier, he had taken a bet with his construction teacher that he could build a rocking chair in a week, but he started falling short in time and q...

Behind the Scenes: Part II–Filmmaking

The film crew records an interview for their documentary film. The competition opens in January with final results in February.

Zach Jones, Kevin Willis, and Brock Hines

January 6, 2020

The black screen in front of them displays strange settings that would be unintelligible to any onlookers. As they navigate through countless menus, adjust several sliders and utilize their editing knowledge, the final product of their masterpiece comes together before their very eyes. Audio-visual and Eag...

Students Compete in Trailer Build-Off Competition

Student welds pieces of trailer together during competition. This build off involved seven schools as well as Lindale.

Samuel Young, Staff Writer

December 10, 2019

   On December 5 welding students competed in a trailer build-off involving seven other schools. Lindale has hosted this event for the past few years and will continue in the future.    “It’s a very difficult competition especially for our students here,” career-technology teacher Casey Jones sai...

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