Seniors Receive Sports Scholarships


Tyra Rodden

Senior Lorin Reue signs for a softball scholarship. Reue will be attending Navarro College.

Lindale seniors were given the opportunity for college scholarships last week for their participation in various sports programs. Brad Burckel will be attending the University of Houston, Kollin McCartney will attend Sam Houston State University, Lorin Reue will attend Navarro College, and Jamey Richey will be attending Texas State University.

“I have been very blessed with the opportunity to further my education and softball career,” senior Lorin Reue said. “All of my hard work definitely paid off.”

Reue played for the school’s softball team, while Burckel, McCartney, and Richey played for the baseball team. Many of them have noted that their coaches have made a large difference in their academic and athletic pursuits.

I take a lot of pride in knowing that she is going to continue her education and softball career.”

— Meredith Grant

“There has been lots of coaches that have had a hand in her success, but I take a lot of pride in knowing that she is going to continue her education and softball career,” head softball coach Meredith Grant said. “I think that Lorin is a competitor and she will be successful at whatever she puts her mind to.”

All of the seniors have been in the sport’s program since their freshman year, and in that time they have represented the school both on the field and in the classroom. Their coaches have made notice of their improvement in many areas during this time.

“Having been with this group of three young men since they were freshmen, I have seen tremendous growth and maturity both on and off the baseball field. Brad, Kollin, and Jamey are examples of what the outcome can possibly be if you dedicate yourself, put in extra work, and continue to pursue a dream. This group of young men will never be replaced, and I am excited to see them do great things at the next level.”