Soccer season has ups and downs

The 2015-16 soccer season has been one to remember for the players. With 4 injuries for the girls and the boys playing a close playoff game, this season has had many highs and lows.

I fully expect them to build on the accomplishments of this season and top them next year,” soccer coach Drew Smith said. “The last few years we haven’t had the success that we were accustomed to. This year we are looking to change that.”

Boys soccer started the season with  3 game losses at the beginning, then went on to recover with  4 game wins which put them 4th in district.  Two games later, they made it to the playoffs where they lost in triple overtime with 11 PK’s overall.

“We’ve had several starters out multiple games,” senior Dalton Scott said. “But I think we’ll be fine the next few years if we keep practicing.”

The Lady Eagles have had their own trials this season.  Four players have had major injuries, with three having torn ACLs.  However, the team has battled back and will play in the second round of the playoffs April 1 at 6:30.

“There’s been some fractures. There’s been a lot of people out,” varsity soccer player Michaela Spencer said. “It’s been really intense this year, surprisingly aggressive this year.”