Three’s a crowd [video]

Boys Basketball in tie for 3rd place spot in district


    He can almost feel the seconds ticking down. He dodges around a defender and receives the ball, then takes the shot. Rebound. He sees his teammate snatch the ball and pass it back to him. Time: forty-five seconds. Score: 43-44, and they’re not winning. It’s in his hands. Sophomore Jordan Gray spins around the opposing team’s member to half court, and takes the shot. Swish. Nothing but net.

    The boys’ basketball team has their next game tonight at 6 at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens. The boys’ team played Corsicana Wednesday night and won 47-44.

     “It was definitely the most important game I’ve played in high school,” Gray said. “It was also the most satisfying win, knowing that we had to win to continue playing. We just ended up playing our best when we needed to – when our backs were against the wall.”

    The team will be playing Corsicana tomorrow at the chance to be third in the district and continue on to playoffs. If they win the games, they will play Mansfield Summit in the first round of playoffs. However, if they lose the game , the team will play Jacksonville at 4:00 on Saturday for fourth place in the district.

    “When we won, I was excited and relieved all at the same time,” Scott Albritton, varsity boys’ basketball coach, said. “The guys came out and didn’t play the way they should have. After the first three quarters, we still weren’t doing well, but the guys just put the mistakes behind them and made a huge comeback at the end.”

    The team’s district record is 4 wins and 6 losses. The top shooters at Wednesday’s game were Gray with 20 points, senior Mason Terry with nine pointer and senior Court Brown with 6 points.

“Coming into this season, I had some higher expectations than what we did last year,” Albritton said. “Last year, we were a really young team, and this year, we have a a lot of experience. I really do think that our team has gotten this far because of our senior leadership.”

    The most the team has lost by  this year was by 15 points to a 5A team.  The team’s record for this season is currently 14 wins and 15 losses.

“I feel like we’re better than we were last year, and Jordan was a big add to our team,” Terry said. “We have a few guys who come off the bench to back us up and it’s really good for us. This year, we have people who have stepped up on our team and now I feel like I can relax and have more fun on the court.”

    The team was down 13-7 at the end of the first quarter, 23-13 at halftime and 33-23. At the end of the third quarter. At 1:25 left, they were losing 44-41.

“From the beginning, we were picked as the underdogs,” Gray said. “We were supposed to get almost last in our district, and we came out surprising a lot of people from the very beginning of the season. The feeling we’ve had after this comeback has been amazing.”

Update: The boys’ varsity basketball team fought hard this season, but lost to Mansfield Summit in the second round of the playoffs on Feb 17 with a final score of 73-41.