Pro Golfer Hired As New Boys Head Golf Coach


Paula Arantes

Coach Temple teaches his students new golf techniques in a discussion session at the start of school.

Paula Arantes, Staff Writer

Pro golfer Andy Temple is the new boys head golf coach for the upcoming school year as well as a new inclusion aide. He will prepare the team to participate in upcoming tournaments and help out teachers in their classrooms.

“Coach Temple has a lot of experience,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “He’s a PGA professional which gives him the ability to be able to teach and do things that we haven’t had the opportunity to do in the past.”

Temple has been playing golf professionally for over 30 years. His golf journey began when he was a young boy and his ambition for the sport only grew as he became older.

“Golf is the best game ever invented and it makes us accountable,” Temple said. “It’s an honor system. There’s a lot of rules which I like,” Temple continued. “You keep your score and people keep your score as well and you have to have honesty and integrity and sportsmanship and it really teaches you a lot about yourself.”

Temple started playing golf at the age of 10 with his grandfather. He watched the game on television. While in high school, Temple participated in tournaments.

“I studied under the Michael O’Grady Morrad project. I lived with him back in 1989 and ’90 to learn golf lessons,” Temple said. “I played golf in high school and attended UAB in Birmingham, Alabama. I played professionally for eight years and went through the PGA level one program.”

Temple turned pro in 1987 in San Francisco, California. His friend helped him pay for his first entry fee to a professional tournament on the California State tour and then for the Golden State tour. Temple then became a golf instructor in the Dallas metroplex area in 2015.

“I love to give back to young people,” Temple said. “I believe if they get into the game of golf it will make them better people and give them greater character.””

— Andy Temple

 Temple plans to continue coaching and teaching golf and then to retire in about five or six years. He wants to be involved with golf even after he retires.

“I’ll probably won’t ever fully retire just because I love teaching this game and I love working with juniors,” Temple said. “It is just part of your life where you give back ,and I think I want to do that until I leave this beautiful planet.”