Cross Country and Tennis Compete at Region Finals

Cross Country girls run at the YWAM meet.

Henrique Arantes and Christian Wynne

With eyes focused they carefully place their feet in just the right position. Taking a deep breath, they relax and stretch.  Their eyes intensify as they stare ahead–waiting to begin.  Suddenly, the moment arrives and every bit of training takes over.  For members of the cross country and tennis teams, it’s time to take it to the next level. 

The girls cross country and tennis teams both competed in regionals in an attempt to advance to the state level competition. Tennis competed at Longview on Oct. 26-27 for Regional Finals. Cross Country competed in regional finals on Oct. 25 in Dallas and Saboia will compete at state on Nov. 5 in Austin.

“They never stop improving, and I find that to really be proud as a coach and be proud of them as players,” head tennis coach Randal Namanny said. “They just continue to get better week in and week out.” 

The tennis team advanced to the regionals finals and lost to Wills Point 10-3. 

“I feel like we did really well,” sophomore Emilio Rodriguez said. “We [worked] well as a team and we had a really tough opponent.”

The tennis team plans on going strong into their spring season starting in January. Last year they claimed the both district titles in girls and boys tennis as well as a girls double team went to state. 

“Our team grew mentally and we had a great season together,” sophomore Zoe Bozick said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what our team can accomplish together.”

The cross country team competed in regional finals in Dallas on Oct. 25 and Sabioa placed twelfth to advance to state.

“Gaby reaching the state round of competition is a phenomenal accomplishment,” Christopher Grotemat, head girls cross country coach said. “And really a testament to her teammates as well who have had their own competitive seasons and have been a wonderful support system for her.”

The last time the girls cross country team made it this far was 18 years ago.

“Every morning we wake up at the crack of dawn and we go running,” senior Emma Grotemat said. “I love my team and we love and encourage each other and it is something that we just love to do.”