Fashion in the making

Fashion in the making

In January the Academic Rodeo Team hosted a fashion show. It was a two-part event including Construction and Consumer Buying. There are different rules for each category; however, both deal with garments that the girls made themselves.

 In the construction portion of the show the girls are judged 70 percent on their construction techniques of the garment that they turned in. The last 30 percent of judging comes from the night of modeling. In this category Freshman Kamryn Stacks placed second in class and third overall.

“I am actually very surprised about my placing,” Stacks said. “I thought that I wasn’t going to place at all because I made errors in my turns.”

Katelyn Free placed first in class and second overall. Breanna Marsh placed first in class and first overall.

I was really nervous about the competition,” Marsh said. “I had really high expectations going to the show, and it definitely exceeded those expectations.”

 The second category, Consumer Buying, involves comparison-shopping to get the best value for their money and to find things that are trendy. After this, they must fill out paperwork that handles comparisons of construction techniques, fiber content, and uses for the garment such as how it blends with their wardrobe. The paperwork is 70 percent of the judging, and modeling is the last 30 percent. Abbie Anderson placed second in class and first overall in this category.

“I loved people watching before the show,” Stacks said. “It was just the funniest thing. There was somebody in a stitch outfit and other really interesting attire.”


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