Junior Gets Photography Scholarship to Costa Rica


Caleb Smithee

Wyatt takes photos for the LHS Eagle Eye magazine. He will use the skills learned in Costa Rica to better improve his photography for personal use and for school

Junior Anthony Wyatt has recently been selected for a photography scholarship to Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, he will spend time learning about camera settings, lighting, composition and any other skills required to take photography to the next level. 

“My mother told me there was a scholarship application process for GT students,” Wyatt said. “Two nights before the application was due, I started typing up my paper. I asked Mrs. Morrow and Mr. Mckenzie for letters of recommendation the night before, and I got it all turned in the day it was due.”

Anthony applied for a scholarship which requires an extensive amount of photography and which also includes going to Costa Rica. ”

— Neda Morrow

Youth Adventure Program (YPA) Costa Rica will be hosting this trip in the summer where he will spend time in class, and out in the rainforest practicing these skills. Wyatt currently is on the LHS Eagle Eye staff where he writes stories, takes photos and edits videos. The skills learned in Costa Rica will allow him to further his skills.

“Anthony applied for a scholarship which requires an extensive amount of photography and also includes going to Costa Rica,” Eagle Eye newspaper adviser Neda Morrow said. “He has really improved his skills as a member of the Eagle Eye staff, and I know that he’ll do great on this adventure.”