Students teach with junior achievement


Kaitlyn Barrington

Annie Evans and Makenna Crews prepare to teach class. They taught elementary students concepts about entrepreneurship and business marketing.

Ronak Desai

Members of Key Club and NHS visited the EJ Moss schools March 31 to act as teacher aids and teach all day lessons for program called Junior Achievement. The students were provided with a workbook and activities to teach real life concepts.

“Mr. Penny, the assistant principal at EJ Moss, emailed the key club sponsors just asking if it would be something our kids would be willing to participate in,” Key Club sponsor Lindsay Kelly said. “Of course we agreed that they would love it and enjoy doing it.”

Before going to the elementary schools, students had to spend second period receiving information about Junior Achievement. They were handed a kit with all of the curriculum needed to teach the lesson plan.

“Any member in key club could participate, but they had to go through a training with the junior achievement program,” Kelly said.

It will give me a real life opportunity to see what teaching would be like.”

— Bailey Spencer

Whether club members want to pursue a career in education or  just want to practice teaching, this is a program that allows students to make an impact on someone else’s life. The fourth graders look up to them as a role models.

“My hopes are that the kids will be able to take something from this, but my fears on the other hand is that won’t get anything out of it,” sophomore Bailey Spencer said. “I personally want to do this because I think it will enhance my skills and give me a real life opportunity to see what teaching would be like.”

While some students are busy being a teacher’s aid, others were paired up with partners to teach from a set of five sessions. These sessions included vocabulary, games, fliers and worksheets.

“Each one has different objectives to help them with a different life skill that they will need later in life,” sophomore Annie Evans said. “I think it’s a good opportunity to get involved with the students that are going to be replacing us as we get older.”