Homecoming dance held for Life Skills class

     The Ready, Set, Teach class sponsored a homecoming dance for the Life Skills students on Friday, October 9.

      “We will definitely do this again,“ Walker said. “I think it gave them an experience like the rest of the high school students.“

      The week before homecoming, The Ready Set Teach class assisted the Life Skills teachers and students in making mums and garters. The students wore them at the dance.

      “We had a lot of help from Mrs. Walker’s class and Key Club,“ Farrah Smith, Life Skills Teacher, said. “The closer we got to the dance, the more participation we got from the students as well as the parents.“

      Cheerleaders and football players were just some of the many students who came to the homecoming dance. About 100 people showed up, danced, and ate alongside the Life Skills students.

      “I really loved being a part of this,” RST student Kelsi Kilgore said. “Their happiness was written all over their faces. It was so sweet. You could just tell that it meant so much to them.”

      There will be another homecoming dance in the years to come. In the future, more students will be invited to come to make the dance bigger.

      “I can’t even put into words how positive the environment was,” RST student Aubreigh Varias said. “It was so fun and beautiful.”