Ussery gets ready for her all-state performance.
Ussery gets ready for her all-state performance.
provided by Christiana Ussery

A Renaissance Woman

Senior Earns Third Trip to State

Taking a deep breath, tapping her foot, she looks up at her band director, waiting for him to start the band. As she looks into the massive crowd, she suddenly feels nervous about her performance. Finally, the director starts the band and senior Christiana Ussery plays her instrument, feeling comfortable. As the performance ends, she looks out to the audience, proud of all she has accomplished.

Ussery is a three time all state qualifier for All region. She will attend the clinic on Wednesday at the Convention Center Hemisfair Ballroom at the Lila Cockrell Theatre in San Antonio. 

“It was really cool to be able to see that all my hard work paid off,” Ussery said. “With bad I can just play and feel my emotions.”

Ussery has been to many schools and moved to Lindale her freshman year from Cumberland. The transfer from her older school, with a band program with only 30 kids, to the Lindale band, with a band program with over 200 students, was a different experience.

“The band program was very different but it was fun,” Ussery said. “I really didn’t know what the Lindale band was like until that first week of summer band.”

Ussery was able to fit in quickly through her social skills. Although, she still faced difficulties getting used to a new environment and meeting new people. 

“It was definitely a change for me,” senior Ussery said. “I am a very social person so I just slipped my way through.”

Ussery’s parents were supportive of her career with her band. They were also former students in band growing up and the two parents met through band. 

“Just being in band, they always wanted me to excel and try and do my best,” Ussery said. “It’s just something that they’ve always wanted for me as well.”

Ussery participates in track and powerlifting along with the band. She is a two time regional qualifier in powerlifting and hopes to make it to state this year.

“I really really enjoy powerlifting and track,” Ussery said. “It’s something that I can let loose… and let off some steam if I’m ever stressed.”

Currently Ussery plans to go to TJC for two years after she graduates. Her major of interest is psychology to become either a counselor or behavioral analyst. 

“I’ve always been interested in the idea of solving mysteries,” Ussr said. “I’m a very open and honest person and try to be as helpful as I can when it comes to what people need.”

After TJC Ussery hopes to go ETBU for four years to get a masters or PHD in psychology and hopes to have a family of her own one day.. Ussery plans to continue band in the future for an extracurricular activity.

“I want to marry and have a family of my own and build a strong home that serves the Lord in all that we do,” Ussery said.

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