Van Debate Tourney

Congratulations to the Lindale Speech and Debate team. They won first place  and sweepstakes at the Van debate tournament on Saturday, Oct. 5. The following students placed:

1st Informative – Mary Gray
4th Informative – Barron Wolter
5th Informative – Cody Gufstansen
6th Informative – Brenton Brown
4th LD – Charles Turner
3rd VCX – Barron Wolter & Cody Gufstansen
2nd NCX – Jonas Thrasher Evers 1st OO – Jessie Elliott
4th OO – Cody Gufstansen
1st Prose – Lacy Bond
2nd HI – Lacy Bond
5th Prose – Moody Gordy
2nd Poetry – Maggie Pierce
2nd Congress – Josh Yarbrough
2nd Congress – Logan Herrera
1st PFD – Mary Gray /Peyton Cooley (Top Speaker)
2nd PFD – Logan Herrera/Jessie Elliott
4th PFD – Kassie Lindamood / Zoe Santchi