Change in schedule

Change in schedule

High school adjusts to eight period day


Recently, the high school bell schedule was changed from a seven period day to an eight period day. The change was due to a request for a change by teachers wanting to see every class each day instead of having a block schedule with 5A and 5B classes only being taught every other day.

“I’ve already had positive feedback on the eight period day,” Principal Casey Neal said. “It’s easier to explain. It is a lot of classes in one day for students and teachers, but i think it’s what’s best.”

To accommodate the eighth period, classes have been shortened from fifty minutes to 47 and 48 minutes. The lunches have also been reduced from four 30 minute lunches to three 30 minute lunches.

“Our lunches were already short,” junior Sarah Johnson said. “It takes 5 minutes for everyone to file out of the cafeteria. It creates more blockage and is extremely ineffective.”

Transitioning to the eight period schedule is less detrimental to student exemptions and grades due to snow days or other absences, as missing a block class would count for two regular periods. The change from block classes also assists at-risk students by giving them the chance to meet with all of their teachers every day.

“The students who need some type of intervention for any of their core classes are able to see the teachers every single day,” counselor Teri Hodges said. “We did lots of research on schools and how they made their schedules work, and I really do feel like it’s in the best interest of our students.”

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