Former Lindale Student Continues Her Twirling Career at Nationals


Photo courtesy of Christan Patterson

Christan poses in front of the University of Notre Dame. Christan wins her One baton solo.

Keren Lee, Managing Editor of Video and Technology

400;”>Former Lindale Student, Christan Patterson, has continued baton twirling  throughout college. She recently placed 1st place with her one baton solo at Notre Dame.

“I knew I wanted to be a college twirler just because I felt like a lot of people doubted me,” Patterson said. “I really wanted to be in the high level of twirling and something just kept telling me to wanna do better. I wanted to go to nationals forever since I knew about nationals and so that has always been my goal.”

Christan started her twirling career in junior high and graduated in 2019. She now attends the University of Arkansas as a color guard member.

One day I told my mom that I thought it was cool and I wanna try out for twirling. I picked up a baton and tried out and there it was.

— Patterson said

Her practices ranged from an hour to four hours with either her group or as a solo. To balance her life and school she usually trains at night. 

“I have a journal now and then that I would follow sometimes,” Patterson said. “It would help keep note of what to practice.”

Christan competed in all open events at nationals and placed 1st on her solo. She also competed in the team event.

“I was a little nervous even though I felt really good about it,” Patterson said. “When I saw my name (on the listing) I kind of froze and I had this crazy excitement and nothing can beat that moment.”

Christan has transferred  from the University of Texas at San Antonio and now attends University of Arkansas (SAU). SAU does not have twirling, but she plans to continue to twirl as she spends her time there. 

“Right now I am a color guard because they don’t offer twirlers, but I do plan on twirling a little bit here,” Patterson said. “I don’t know where my twirling career will go but I do have twirling opportunities here at SAU thankfully.”