Senior Makes TJC Apache Cheer Team


Photo from the TJC Apache Cheer Facebook page

Congratulation post from the TJC Apache Cheer Facebook page welcoming Senior Jaci Philpot as a new member.

John Park, Managing Editor of News and Feature

     Senior Jaci Philpot was introduced as a new member of the TJC Apache Cheer team April 27. Due to COVID-19, the tryout and recruit process for the TJC Apache Cheer team Philpot experienced was entirely online. 

     “I am excited for Jaci to have the opportunity to cheer on the Apaches and look forward [to] watching her shine on the sidelines once again,” cheer coach Christy Bateman said. “Jaci will be a strong athlete for her new team and will bring lots of ‘cheer’ knowledge in stunting and tumbling!”

     As one of the cheerleaders, Philpot will support the Apache athletic programs by cheering at men and women’s basketball games, football games, and cheering for all other athletic teams on campus.

     “I’m extremely proud of Jaci and all the things she’s going to do,” enior Addison Haxton said. “I had the privilege to cheer with her [for] the past two years and she was such a good teammate to everyone. She would encourage everyone, and do whatever was needed of her to help the team. 

     Philpot has been doing cheer since third grade, for ten years in total, and during the tryout process, Philpot was required to send in a video of all the skills she has learned throughout the years.

     “Making a collegiate cheer team has always been a huge dream of mine since I could remember,” Philpot said. “I used to go to TJC cheer camps whenever I was younger to stunt with all of the athletes then. I am very proud of the work that I put in through the years.”

     Besides sports games the cheer team also attends pep rallies, community service activities, alumni events, civic events, and charitable events in the Tyler area.

     “I’m super proud of her for making the TJC cheer team because cheer is something she’s always had a passion for,” Haxton said. “I know she is going to go far and do so many things to change the lives of others. I wish her the best in everything she does.”