Students of the Graphic design Two class work on their projects.
Students of the Graphic design Two class work on their projects.
Christian Wynne

Graphic Design 2 Class Added to Course Selections

A graphic design 2 class has been added to the course selections for this year. In this class students will build on the skills learned in the prerequisite, Principles of Graphic Design.

The idea [for this class] actually came from Mrs. Dukes, one of our awesome assistant principals,” teacher Lindsay Kelly said. “She is always looking for ways to help our students be more prepared for life after LHS.”

In this class, students create designs for teachers and community members in need around the district. Students will build upon the lessons from graphic design 1, and are moving to more client-based work.

I joined this class to get more experience in graphic design and Photoshop because I might use these skills in the real world,” senior Kenzie Wallace said. “The most challenging part is probably remembering all of the skills that I previously learned, but Mrs. Kelly is really good at helping us and giving refreshers.”

Students begin by sending emails to the client asking basic questions about the project so they can begin working on a rough draft. After that they will send the draft to the client via email and make any necessary changes before sending the finalized version.

“I am still teaching, but it feels more like an internship or “on the job training” instead of a typical classroom environment,” Kelly said. “Not only are they learning new things about graphic design, they are learning email etiquette, the importance of professional communication, and meeting the needs of clients.”

Students have created birthday cards for CTE members, shirts for different organizations such as softball, flyers, door signs, and signatures for the LISD staff members. 

“I really enjoy expressing my creative side,” senior Christian Wynne said. “Being able to make things from scratch and put something on a canvas really reassures you of what you can do.”

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