Band Students Compete for State


Photo by Henrique Arantes

Sophomore Kaden Strickland and junior Romero Aparicio practice for the All-state competition.

Henrique Arantes, Assistant Sports Officer in Training

Story Updated 1/9/21 to reflect All-State members.

Band students who made a chair in the Region 21 All Region Band and qualified for area will compete for state band on January 8 at Chapel Hill High School.

“I think that our band kids are going to do very well,” band director Weston Fisher said. “They have been practicing and are very prepared.  Making the All State Band is no small feat and it really is a toss up to the judges’ preferences as to who advances to all-state.”

Students have been preparing for this event since the beginning of September with weekly practices. Their goal is to make the All State band and take part in a concert with students all over Texas.

“I think this competition is a great way to show and compete against other people who want to do just as well as you do,” junior Romero Aparicio said. “I think Lindale will do great. We have a lot of great players that have a really good chance of making it to the All-State band.”

To qualify for state, students first have to compete in an All Regional level. The ones who make the top chairs will then be in the All Area band where they compete again to achieve All State band.

“I think the competition is a great way for young musicians like myself to express their love for music,” junior Jozlynn Bielitz said. “The Lindale band students have put in a lot of their time and effort into this competition, [and] I’m so proud of all the ones that competed.”


Students who made the all-state band:

Andrew Velarde
Christiana Ussery
Nicole Hines