English II Class Prepares Project Over Historical Figures


Photo By: Jaida Jones

Sophomore Liliana Miller points to her figures place of birth on a map. “This project has gotten me really excited for english this year,” Miller said. “I am looking forward to more assignments like this one.”

Jaida Jones, Editor-In-Chief

The English II classes are preparing a project about historical figures that will be presented in class Oct. 25, 26, and 27th. It will help them with future essays.

“The purpose of this project is to give ammunition to students when they write different types of essays,” English teacher Kristin Schlessman said. “It is always important when you write an essay to join the conversation and use your own voice in your argument.”

Students chose a historical figure to research and will later present to the whole class. The information learned from this project can be used as examples in essays.

“I am really excited for this project because It’s not like something i’ve ever done before,” sophomore Fiona Turney said. “There are so many different components to it like how we get to dress up.”

Each student will act as their character for an average of six minutes. The project requires students to dress up as their character, have a prepared monologue and questions to be answered, an informative essay, as well as some sort of visual presentation.

“I hope to see creativity and students pushing themselves to really learn something new,” Schlessman said. “I want to see them do that in a way that sparks an interest in all things literary and historical.”

Some students will perform a song or dance for the project while others might have interactive slideshows. 

“This project is a lot more involved than what I am used to,” sophomore Nicole Hines said. “However, it has encouraged me to really learn and understand what I’m talking about and working on.”

Previously students have presented this project in the halls for all students but this year they will be only presenting in the classroom. This is to help students in the class to fully learn about figures other than the ones they are researching.

“I want us to truly learn from each other,” Schlessman said. “I think this is going to impact students by showing them something new.