Senior Receives State Farm Award



Senior Kevin Willis holds his award with prinicpal Jeremy Chilek and State Farm member RJ Collins. The award is for his efforts in maintaining the Lindale attributes.

Kylie Hester, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Kevin Willis was recently selected for the March RJ Collins State Farm Good Neighbor Award. This award is given to recognize students who excel in reflecting the school’s values of hard work, commitment, respect, accountability, honesty, and responsibility.

“Kevin is one of the most outstanding students we have here in Lindale High School,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “He does everything he’s supposed to do, takes care of his business, flies under the radar, but doesn’t get a lot of credit for it, so I’m glad that he has the opportunity to get recognized this way.”

Willis received a Doc’s Pizza gift card, a plaque, and a set of jumper cables.

“There’s a lot of students in this district and to be able to be the one to be able to get this award feels really good and it’s really just a testament to just doing the right thing and I love that,” Willis said. “Going to school at Lindale is great because there’s a standard and a culture of excellence that you have to maintain and it really holds you accountable whenever you feel like you wanna do wrong and you feel like slipping up and you realize that you’re in a district to succeed.”