STUCO Gives Valentines Day Cards to the Elderly

Sam Lee, Assistant Editor of Photography/Tech

The Student Council went to the Legends of Lindale retirement community to deliver handmade Valentines Cards. They worked before/ after school Thursday January 28th and delivered them on February 3rd.

 “It was a wonderful experience,” Student Council sponsor Renee Ramsey said. “It was uplifting to both student council kids and the elderly residents.”

Ramsey selected Legends of Lindale because of the outdoor mail hooks. It provided a totally contactless delivery to the eldery.

Through this season of COVID and social distancing, I know it has made it very difficult to see family or loved ones,” student council member Abram Medders said. “Getting a card by hand from a high school they don’t know may just be the pick me up they needed and I had to be a part of that.”

Medders got to use his skills he used in his American Sign Language (ASL) class to one of the eldery women. She started out by writing on a piece of paper but Medders explains that he has been learning at school about sign language.

“Well me and my friend we’re walking around handing out cards, when my friends gave a card to a woman and realized she was deaf,” Medders said. “A smile immediately hit her face and she just asked me where and what we were handing out cards for. She told us she was very appreciative and said have a nice day at the end of the conversation. I struggled in some areas but for the most part we had a full conversation and it was pretty incredible, especially seeing that smile on her face.”