Seniors raise money through the Haunted Car Wash

Students who worked in the Haunted Car Wash stand behind the check they got with a total of 10,200 dollar.

Andrew Velarde, Managing Editor of Videography and Photography

Precision Express Car Wash recently gave checks from the Haunted Car Wash to students from the different organizations that raised money. The money is going towards the senior trip at the end of the year.

“We love seeing the different characters that the students dress up as,” Jerretta Pate, Precision Express Car Wash owner, said.  “We love interacting with the customers and seeing their reactions, and some [customers] even love to take pictures with you.”

From October 10-30, every Friday and Saturday night the Haunted Car Wash was active, and each wash cost $25 per car. The students raised around $10,000 dollars through this event which was split between  different organizations.

    “We knew we wanted to put the Haunted Car Wash on, but we didn’t have enough employees to provide for the event,” Pate said. “We approached the Lindale High School Project Graduation group back in the summer and they committed along with boys basketball, softball, baseball and the Star Steppers.”  

    Students dressed up, passed out candy and interacted with the customers from eight pm to 11 pm. There were over 100 students that participated in this event and around 20 parents as well.

    “I was really excited to participate in this event and was happy to earn money towards project graduation as well,” senior Madison Beaird said. “I also had fun scaring different cars with my friends that were there.”

           This is the first year for Precision Car Wash to put on this fundraiser and have the students join in as well. It was led by parents of students and employees  of Precision Car Wash.

            “With all that is going on with COVID, it has been great to see the kids get excited about something,” Pate said. “This is the first time we have done this, but hope to make it an annual event.”