A few of the books from different English courses that require summer reading.
A few of the books from different English courses that require summer reading.

Summer Assignments

When a student takes an honors class, they will more than likely be required to work on an assignment over the summer. They are typically expected to finish the assignments by the first day or week of school.

“[This helps] students learn to read quickly and to analyze passages, and to speed write essays,” English teacher Penny Snow said. “No one wants to go to university and spend hours writing essays and then get a poor grade. This class helps the student gain time back when it matters the most.”

The purpose of summer assignments is to assist in allowing the class to cover the required material throughout the year, which gives them a time advantage to prepare for the AP test at the end of the year. They also allow the teacher to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their students early on.

“Hopefully this assignment will help my students think critically about the text, and give me their the own interpretation on the writing,” history teacher Spencer Terry said. “I think they will really enjoy the books and the writer’s ideas once they have completed the readings.”

A pre-AP course prepares students to advance to the next level of an AP class. Studies show that the diligence that goes with an AP course will further help students in preparation for college by giving them tools to stay in college.

“I believe it is important for all students to be reading during the summer in order to improve reading comprehension skills and fluency,” English teacher Denise Yeakley said. “By giving students summer assignments, they also develop an independent work ethic to prepare them for more rigorous classes.”

Pre-AP English I
  • any nonfiction book of their choice to read
  • vocabulary list to study
Pre-AP Geometry
  • packet reviewing over Algebra I
Pre-AP Biology
  • record a Flipgrid introducing yourself
  • complete worksheet over graphing aquatic plants in Google Classroom
Pre-AP English II
  • read The Bean Trees
  • write 15 dialectical journals over the book
AP World History
  • Read The Prince and The Education of a Christian Prince
  • write 24 dialectical journal entries
Pre-AP Algebra II
  • complete packet reviewing over Algebra I
Pre-AP English III
  • read The Old Man and the Sea for test on 8/19
  • complete a dialectical journal over the book with a minimum of 30 entries
  • complete a 2 page essay
  • read A Separate Peace for a test on 8/22
  • study vocabulary for a quiz on 8/23
AP English III
  • 4 page dialectical over each 11 chapters over the Red Badge of Courage
  • synthesis essay over whether the Civil War was truly a war of “Northern Aggression”
AP US History
  • read 1776 and John Adams
  • write 21 dialectical journals on 1776 and 36 for John Adams
  • write 9 video summaries on the time period
AP Biology
  • complete ecology notes, which are a review from biology from freshman year with new concepts added in
  • complete an ecology scavenger hunt, which includes taking photos of 20 ecological concepts and annotating them
AP Chemistry
  • complete notes for the first four units during the summer, which is a review of pre-AP chemistry
  • learn the common polyatomic ions and review reaction rules and net ionic equations
AP Calculus
  • complete packet reviewing over algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus
  • test on the third day of school over the material
AP English IV
  • complete reader profile describing your strengths and weaknesses and turn into Google Classroom by 7/1
  • pick a book from a given list to read and take notes on
  • complete major works data sheet by 8/9 and turn into Google Classroom
  • study literary terms for quiz on the first week of school


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