Lindale Students Compete in Destination Imagination

Six Lindale seniors compete on a Destination Imagination team.


Photo Provided by Shannon Mezzell

The Lindale D.I. team poses at competition. Bottom row, from left: Carter Colvin, Elvis Farmer, Maddie Mezzell, Faith Rogers. Top row, from left: Sam Mezzell, Evan Howell, Sam Payne.

Annie Evans, Managing Editor

On Saturday, Lindale students placed second place in a Destination Imagination (D.I.) competition. This is an educational nonprofit organization dedicated to building innovation, problem-solving and leadership skills.

“The competition is diverse with people and mindsets,” senior Evan Howell said. “To go there and see not only people you’re competing with but people that are doing different kinds of competition is entertaining to be around.”

Destination Imagination allows students to break into teams and compete by age. The competitions involve challenges that are split into the sections of scientific, technical, engineering, fine arts, improvisational, service learning, early learning rising stars and instant challenge, which could be any of the above.

“I enjoy getting together with friends working together with people that I don’t get to be around very often,” senior Elvis Farmer said. “Meeting new people at competitions and getting close to those people is a cool experience.”

I would not trade the experience for anything.”

— Faith Rogers

Senior Maddie Mezzell started the current D.I. team in Lindale when she moved to Lindale eight years ago. While members have come and gone, the team has remained competing for all of those years.

“I would not trade the experience for anything,” senior Faith Rogers said. “I developed deep friendships. It made me learn how to think deeper and how to problem solve. It helps with my everyday life but it also helps me escape from the real world.”

The Lindale team has previously placed first at competitions and continues to compete. The competitions run from elementary aged students to university aged students.  

“It’s weird, but fun,” Rogers said. “You are not going to find anything like it.”