Technical Theater Class Completes End of the Year Project

(From left to right) freshman Murphy Churchill, senior Matthew Henderson and junior Simon Young work on their project. The group decided to construct a car.

For the last few weeks of school, the technical theater class is completing a construction project. The class is building cars and tables.

“This is probably our biggest project of the year,” technical theater teacher Taylor Jarman said. “It’s a long process between designing, creating and testing the final products.”

Students were given the choice between two projects. The tables, which students designed at the beginning of the year, had to be sturdy and functional.

“They designed their tables earlier in the year,” Jarman said. “If they chose this [project], they got to experience their designs finally coming to life.”

The second choice is building a car. The car had to be made out of wood, complete with a mechanical steering and braking system.

“Building the car was such a fun experience,” junior Simon Young said. “It’s been really cool to be able to use our imaginations to design and create this complex car and figure out the brakes.”

The class has learned about woodworking and using power tools to build sets and props. The purpose of the project was to use all of the skills they have learned this year to create these items.

“Building the cars and tables is just a really fun end of the year project,” Jarman said. “The kids have been doing a fantastic job of utilizing every component of what they have learned about construction.”