Great Kindness Challenge Kicks Off

Lindale Gains Kindness School District Certification


Great Kindness Challenge

Lindale kicks off their first annual Great Kindness Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to increase empathy and kindness throughout the district.

Lindale campuses have begun “The Great Kindness Challenge”  as their first step as a newly certified Kindness School District. Lindale will be joining more than 10 million students across 103 countries in an effort to create a culture of kindness.

I heard about the Great Kindness Challenge on television last year and on a few counselor blogs that I follow while researching for an upcoming lesson on kindness,” challenge coordinator Leslie Dowdle said. “The challenge sounded like a great way for my students to get involved, have fun and be able to see and feel the spreading of kindness firsthand.

The challenge is a proactive approach to combat bullying within educational spaces and foster the growth and development of compassion, empathy and respect in younger generations. Students are provided with a checklist to carry with them as they accomplish meaningful acts of kindness on and off campus.

The Great Kindness Challenge is a fun and easy way to encourage students to spread kindness throughout our school and community by performing as many acts of kindness as possible in one week. Our ultimate goal is to foster an environment that values the importance of being kind all year round”

— Courtney Sanguinetti

The challenge list includes opportunities such as smiling at 25 people, making a “Kindness Matters” sign and showing appreciation to a counselor or mentor. Students as well as all school administration and staff are encouraged to participate in the event.

My expectations for my students is that they will be immersed in kindness each day,” Dowdle said. “By actively engaging themselves in acts of kindness for others, they will then internalize these behaviors and feelings well past this one week event.”

The Early Childhood Center is constructing a large paper chain with personally written messages from their students. Velma Penny Elementary is producing shirts that say “in a world where you can be anything, be kind.” These are just a few examples of kind acts that have been accomplished this week including a donation box for local animal rescue and releasing heart shaped balloons with kind messages.

“The Great Kindness Challenge is a grassroots movement that is making our schools, communities and world a kinder and more compassionate place for all,” Sanguinetti said. “Lindale ISD is empowering our students to create a culture of kindness.”