Students and faculty enjoy the hunt

Hunting is an activity many people in the high school spend their free time enjoying.

“I do it for the passion and all the memories I make doing it,” junior Terry Freeman said. “It’s always a good time out there, duck hunting with friends and family.”

CTE Director Brent Berryman likes to hunt Turkey with his son-in-law. He enjoys this activity because it provides an exciting challenge. Berryman says you must call turkeys to you before you can kill them.

“My favorite part about hunting is just the get-away,” Berryman said. “Just to get out of the office, to get away from home sometimes, and to get outdoors. When you’re there, you forget about all the things that are stressful in your life.”

Students such as Freeman and Matt Spencer enjoy hunting and have a passion for it. Being outside and getting to see nature first hand is very calming for them.

“I like to hunt all kinds of things, but my favorite thing to hunt is duck,” Spencer said. “I love hunting waterfowl, and getting outside and shooting ducks.”

Often times people will spend several days hunting and even sleeping outside, always having to remain aware, in order to hunt the animal they are seeking.

“A couple years ago we hunted on Lake Palestine,” Spencer said. “It was one of my first duck hunts, there was a whole bunch of experienced duck hunters and we had a couple thousand  birds come in so it was really cool.”

For history teacher Robert Scott Rozell, Jr., hunting is a time to spend with his dad and get closer to nature. He feels a sense of peace outdoors, where he can get away for  a couple of days and spend time outside.

“I feel at home outdoors,” Rozell said. “I feel close to God. I feel close to nature. They’re absolutely beautiful (ducks), and they’re tasty.”