New iMacs arrive at high school


Recently, the career and technology department received a new lab of iMac computers. The updated models are able to run resource-intensive programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro and allow CTE students to gain certifications in industry-standard software.

“The computer lab we were using previously were older and not able to keep up with current changes in software and technology,” CTE teacher Neda Morrow said. “We were having lock-ups and other problems that kept the students from advancing forward in their skills.  We were also using software that was three generations older than what is current.”

The old computers had 4GB of internal memory, while the new Macs have 16GB and will include the 2017 Adobe Suite. With more current hardware and software, the classes will be able to focus on video and photo editing with fewer difficulties.  The older machines will be recycled and used in classrooms with different software needs.

 “We like to keep everything as current as possible so that when the students are using the devices that they’re getting true industry-related training,” CTE director Brent Berryman said.

The new computers will also allow the newly redesigned audio/visual program to incorporate more advanced activities in the classroom.  The new lab will be integral in providing students with the ability to create video and audio productions.

“The new Macs are definitely a lot faster than the old Macs,” student Andrew Barr said. “I can have a lot more things open at the same time and it just helps to get my work done a lot more efficiently and it’s just a lot quicker than the old Macs were.”