Featured Faces

Featured Faces

Full name: 
Kaitlyn G Dockery
What’s on my TV: 
 One Tree Hill/Gossip Girl/Vampire Diaries
What I drive: 
Slug Bug
Favorite movies: 
 The Holiday
Favorite music: 
Favorite website or social media: 
 Knocking on wood
Worst habit: 
Peeling off my nail polish
I would love to trade places for a day with: 
 Any female character from my favorite tv series
First job: 
 Lindale Cleaners
Favorite meal: 
 Pasta Carbonara
Favorite drink: 
 Sweet Tea
Talent I would most like to have: 
Favorite celebrity: 
 Taylor Lautner
Favorite city to visit: 
 Hot Springs, Arkansas
Greatest love: 
My hero: 
Hobbies or interests: 
 Dancing, watching Netflix, reading, going out with friends, playing the piano
My bucket list: 
 Travel the world (and get paid doing it)
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