Practice for the future

Principles of Education class teaches students at elementary school

The Principles of Education class went to College Street Elementary February 20 to teach  students using the skills they have learned.

“They had prepared lessons prior to going, and they got to teach their lessons to the students,” teacher Rhonda Walker said. “It was a learning experience for everyone involved.”

The class could teach lessons in any subject they chose. The elementary students listened to stories and watched experiments, among other things.

“I taught the kids about the scientific method,” junior Taylor Ritchie said. “They seemed to enjoy it very much.”

The Principles of Education class only takes trips like these once a year, while in the second and third years of the program, the students take these trips every single day. Field trips like these provide students with an opportunity to work with children to make sure that it is a career they want to pursue.

“I learned a lot from teaching the kids,” Ritchie said. “ I learned that the kids really do say just about anything, so I was taught how to react to their strange comments. It further proved that I want to be a teacher and that I want to teach elementary.”