Star Steppers perform a kick routine for their last dance of the show.
Star Steppers perform a kick routine for their last dance of the show.
Delaccie Walton

Drill Team Spring Show Recap

The Star Steppers and Starlettes both performed in their annual spring show on Saturday, April 9. The show started at 6 p.m. and it included an Oscars theme and multiple different styles of dance.

“This year’s spring show was one to remember,”  Assistant Director Krista Mullican said. “We decided to add fun new ways to entertain our audience and to say the least, it was a success.”

The show began with an opening number that drill team members learned at their line camp over summer break. In between each dance, this year’s officers announced funny awards like most likely to be late and class clown. 

“I loved the theme for the Spring Show this year,” senior Lily Frank said. “I’m sad that my time as a Star Stepper has come to an end, but the memories I have made will never be forgotten.”

Some dances performed in the spring show consist of sophomore, junior and senior dances. The sophomores did a Star Wars-themed hip hop, the juniors did a pitch-perfect theatrical novelty and jazz dance, and the seniors did a sentimental graduation-themed dance.

“Our main focus was to entertain and exhibit all the accomplishments made throughout the 2021-2022 year,” Mullican said. “The Star Stepper’s hard work was shown in every way at this year’s spring show and we couldn’t be prouder.”

Drill team officers performed solos during the show. Also, every officer also choreographed a dance for their squad to perform. 

“My squad this year was so enjoyable,” junior officer Rylee Schultz said. “We always had a lot of fun together.”

Members of the Starlettes also performed a few routines in the spring show. Both groups began learning and perfecting their routines after the football and basketball season ended.

“This has been such a fun year because of Starlettes,” freshman Morgan McKnight said. “I am so excited to be on the drill team next year and experience Friday nights for the first time.”

The final dance was performed by all members of the drill team. Seniors put on their uniforms one last time to perform their final routine of their Star Stepper careers.

“This year was a transition year in many ways but with every challenge we faced the Star Steppers organization only grew,” Mullican said. “We are blessed to have had such a great year and many more to come.”


  1. Always Late (Brynn Borden)
  2. Dancer of the Year (Macy Beeler)
  3. Little Miss Sunshine (Hadlee Scott)
  4. Most Clumsy (Blaire Gano)
  5. Most likely to be yelled at (Bre Biggar)
  6. Best Performer (Shelby Anderson)
  7. Selective Hearing (Madelyn Morgan)
  8. Most Outgoing (Mary Tipton)
  9. Best Dressed (Gracie Woolverton)
  10. Class Clown (Charlotte McConathy)
  11. Born to be on Stage (Emilee DeWolfe)
  12. Likely to be Famous (Mady Walker)
  13. Turns Lemons into Lemonade (Kaylee Brousseau)
  14. Giggle Box (Emily Myers)
  15. Always injured (McKenzie Manning)
  16. Bobby Pin Queen (Madelyn Lazarz)
  17. Loudest (Keatyn Bills)
  18. Best Technique (Kerrigan Pierce)
  19. Best High Kicks (Chloe Smith)
  20. Most likely to break out into a cheer (Bella Canella)
  21. America’s sweetheart (Jacqueline Rand)
  22. Most likely to forget uniform (Deire Duncan)
  23. Mother Hen (Lily)
  24. Sharpest (Bailee Dewolfe)
  25. Beats to her own 8-count (Taylar Ragland)
  26. Most likely to lose her hat performing (Rylee Schultz)


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