Baseball Completes 9/11 Tribute Workout


District Communications Director Courney Sanguinetti

The baseball team moments after completing their workout. They were hoping to honor those who fell during the attack of the Twin Towers 18 years ago.

Kevin Willis, Staff Writer

The baseball team completed a workout on September 11 to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

“I have lots of family in the northeast, and [I] lived in the northeast until 2000, so the tragedy of 9/11 really hits home,” head baseball coach Richard Sanguinetti said. “I think it is important to show our kids how precious life can be and to always remember what happened that day.”

The workout began and ended with a 2001 meter run to symbolize the year— as well as a total of nine workouts, each with 11 reps. Even the weight on the workout had meaning.  For example, on power clean there was 175 pounds on for the number of flights of stairs in the building. 

“I have seen similar workouts done in the past,” Sanguinetti said. “CrossFit does a similar version as well as other military workouts to pay tribute to fallen soldiers or to specific days in our country’s history.”

Most of these high school students were not alive during 9/11, with most being born in 2002 and later. This was a remembrance, but also a teaching moment for them. 

“Even though we weren’t alive, it still greatly affects each one of us tremendously,” junior Brandon Burckel said. “This workout symbolizes everything that happened 18 years ago, so every year we make sure we commemorate the people who died or risked their lives on that terrible day.” 

Part of the workout’s symbolism was that even post-9/11, there was still support, and that’s where the team came in. 

“Working as a team helped me to get through it,” junior Cody Talor said. “It was really hard and having some friends there helped a lot.”