Baseball Boys Give Back


Mykayla Walker

Senior Chase Rozell vacuums the gym. He participates every week in Give Back Days.

The baseball class is dedicating Tuesdays and Thursdays to performing service projects around the school. The boys refer to these as “Give Back Days.”

“It’s a way for us to give back,” head baseball coach Richard Sanguinetti said. “[We] spend fifteen minutes during the class period and really make someone’s day and make jobs easier.”

The group of 22 student athletes split into two crews. The coach separated the boys based on personality and their strengths/weaknesses.

“The custodians do a lot for the school,” senior Chase Rozell said. “They clean up after everyone, and they pick up trash that we leave behind, so we figured we’d give back to them and help clean certain areas.”

The school does so much for us, so it’s good to give back.

— Tyler Thompson

So far, the boys have cleaned the gym and the workout rooms. They have also conducted a food drive amongst themselves raising over 700 cans in one week.

“Whether it’s cleaning the walls, the gym or the green room, it’s really cool,” sophomore Tyler Thompson said. “The school does so much for us, so it’s good to give back.”

Through their tasks, the boys build relationships and get to know future teammates. They are not assigned teams yet but are building bonds for the entire program.

“We always have team bonding time during the weekdays and after school to grow chemistry,” senior Kameron Wheeler said. “We’re together [working], and we come up with the ideas as a team, which makes our bond better.”

The goal is to continue giveback days until the baseball season starts up again. Sanguinetti instilled the motto, “integrity, hard work and service,” onto his athletes.  

“I am passionate about the service,” Thompson said. “One of our big [sayings] this year is service, and I think it’s a really good opportunity.