Baseball Honors Heller Family


Josie Gradick

Senior Conner Heller and his mom embrace as Lucy prepares for the first pitch. Her father threw the first pitch of the game for her.

The Lindale baseball team honored eight year-old Lucy Heller and her family at their home game March 29. Lucy has struggled with cerebral palsy and other medical disorders her entire life, and the team donated proceeds from the game to help cross off some of the items on her bucket list.

“It was really heartwarming to see everybody supporting my family and my sister,” senior Conner Heller said. “Her bucket list is full of activities, so I am very grateful because every penny counts.”

Lucy threw the first pitch of the game with her father and watched her brother, Conner Heller, play baseball with the rest of her family. The event was put together by head baseball coach Rich Sanguinetti and his wife and helped raise almost 700 dollars for Lucy’s cause.

Organizing the baseball game for Lucy was very special,” Sanguinetti said. “We had so many ideas from my wife and other players’ parents that it made organizing this night very easy. We wanted to make it special for the Heller family as did everyone.”

As part of the event, each baseball player presented Lucy and her mother with pink roses and wore an item of pink somewhere on their uniform. The team was able to pull a victory that night after Lucy’s first pitch.

“Honoring Lucy that night will be one of my most memorable nights of playing baseball with Lindale,” senior Collin Cooper said. “I think the event was a good way to show Conner that the team has his back and will be there for him on and off the field.”