To the courts!


The varsity tennis team played Hallsville at home last Monday, August 16. Lindale was able to defeat the opposing team with a total of 10 points. At the next game held in Corsicana, the team was unable to defeat their opponents.

 “Texas High is the hardest team that we have to play,” varsity player Alex Johnson said. “They have strong players and are very aggressive in both singles and doubles.”

  Varsity is now preparing for a match against Kilgore, which will be held at home on October 10. They are practicing four days a week until five, afterwards they all participate in a 30 minute conditioning period.

   “The intense practicing helps prepare us for tough matches in the future,” Johnson said. “If we all play with high intensity during practice, then we are able to focus and help our teammates to improve.”

 Everyday after school the team participates in a challenge match. Each member must play against the member ahead of them in order to move up in the varsity ranks.

 “Tennis is a mental and physical sport and both areas are important to the game,” Johnson said. “I need to improve my mental game so I can stay calm during frustrating matches and play with more confidence.”