Tennis Pro-Am Tournament Swings into the Holidays


Kaitlyn Barrington

Hope Nelms serves in her first match of the tournament. The pro-am is a tournament tradition to kick off the Christmas season.

The tennis program hosted a pro-am tournament for the public December 7 and December 8 at the high school tennis courts. The cost for non-LISD tennis players was $25 and an additional $10 to compete in an additional event.

“I think that the tournament is great for the tennis community and others who do not play tennis ,” head tennis coach Randal Namanny said. “So many teams came up and said how much fun they had even though one of them or both had not played before.”

My favorite part about the tournament was being able to have fun with friends and get into the Christmas spirit.”

— Faith Rogers

All members of the Lindale community were eligible to play in the tournament; however, most teams consisted of an LISD tennis team member and a player of their choice . The tournament was split into three divisions: men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The players were encouraged to come dressed in their best Christmas attire.

“My favorite part about the tournament was being able to have fun with friends and get into the Christmas spirit,” junior Faith Rogers said. “I love how this tournament is made for players to have fun and act a bit ridiculous. Being able to laugh instead of scream in tennis is always a fun change.”

Proceeds from the tournament were handled by the tennis booster club and went to benefit the Lindale tennis program. Through funds from entry fees, raffles and concession items including Chick-Fil-A, this tournament was successful in gaining support from the community.

“I enjoyed it because, even though it was a competition, everyone just treated it as fun to enjoy with each other,” junior Rachael Williams said. “It creates an opportunity for those who don’t play sports to participate and get a small taste of the experience.”

Every competitor received a custom tee-shirt from the tournament included in the entry fee. Various prizes were given at the tournament for raffles, and division winners received medals. Tournament winners:
Men’s Doubles:
1st. Gambrell/Gambrell
2nd. Rexroat/Rexroat
3rd. Walton/Smith
consolation King/Rick

Women’s Doubles:
1. Long/Lyles
2. E. Self/Huber
3. Jacey King/Parker
Consolation Namanny/King

Mixed Doubles:
1. Lane/Lane
2. Colliver/Miller
3. VanAndel/Guerra
consolation Ortiz and Ortiz