Life Skills Strikes out Bowling Tournament


Emily Macon

Students cheer on the life skills students before they leave for their bowling tournament.

On November 10, life skills students travelled to the Oil Bowling Alley in Longview, Texas for the area Special Olympics bowling tournament. Nine students earned medals while the rest received participation ribbons.

“The kids did awesome,” Lauren Backer, special needs teacher for community based instruction, said. “We had several gold medals, so that is exciting.”

The competition consisted of approximately ten teams. Out of 14 Lindale students who participated, six won gold medals and three won bronze medals.

It was really fun to see them be successful and beat out the competition,” Backer said. “We actually have some really good bowlers.”

The area Special Olympics bowling tournament splits the lanes according to bowling ability. Although gutters were not permitted in the tournament, some students were able to use ramps for assistance.

Their competitiveness comes out and you see a lot of high fives, fist pumps and shouts of joy.”

— Jan Simmons

“I feel this is a great opportunity for our children to have an event that they can compete in with other students with the same ability level,” life skills teacher Jan Simmons said. “It is true bowling.”

The life skills students practice bowling every Thursday at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas in the activities center. They have finished up their season with this area bowling tournament.

“I love the tournament,” Simmons said. “This year we had a great time with the kids really shining and cheering on others.”

The students look forward to competing next year. They have asked if they can get a jump start and start practicing in the spring.

“There is just a different feeling in the air than when we are practicing,” Simmons said. “The kids are still silly and love bowling, but they want to win. Their competitiveness comes out and you see a lot of high fives, fist pumps and shouts of joy.”