Kicking off with a sign of appreciation

Football players recognize teacher for her distinguished performance

Lindale football players selected English teacher Renee Ramsey as their teacher of the week.  A breakfast to honor Ramsey was held Aug. 30 in the green room.  Players will recognize a teacher every week for  outstanding performance in the classroom. Breakfast with the selected teacher for this week will take place Sept. 6.

“I am honored to be chosen by the football players,” Ramsey said. “I love my kids unconditionally, and I want to thank the team for such a sweet gesture.”

Coach Meador had the idea to start a new tradition and show appreciation to dedicated teachers. Along with breakfast, the team presented Ramsey with a goodie bag filled with caramel popcorn and assorted candies.

“She is such a great teacher and is known for how much she supports the football team,” senior Stetson Farrell said. “The highlight of the breakfast was when Mrs. Ramsey stood up to say she is always going to support the boys in blue, no matter what happens.”