Learning From Each Other [Part 1-France and Taiwan]


Photo provided by Tom Bordelanne

Bordelanne before coming to America. “There is no specific thing I want to do.,” Bordelanne said. “My only goal is to find out about your life here and enjoy it.”

Maddi Farmer and Andrew Velarde

  He steps off the airplane, smiling as he takes in his first sight of this new country. He looks out into the airport, shocked by the size of everything. Walking into the building, he sees all the people, shops, and bags and looks for his new house family. He grabs his luggage and starts the walk, looking forward to a new, exciting experience.

Foreign exchange students Jeffery Chang and Tom Bordelanne came from different countries to learn more about American culture and see new places.

“It’s always fun to see the different cultures and different students and different personalities that come from other countries that come to integrate with us for a year,” counselor Tamica Collard said. “I think our students here at LHS benefit from learning about other cultures as well as them as they come to us in the United States, especially here in Texas.”

Bordelanne is from Paris, France and has come to live in Texas for the year. Bordelanne is currently working on joining the golf team.

“French culture is very different from American culture,” Bordelanne said. “That’s just what I love, they are different but both beautiful and awesome. I am very lucky to have this experience.”

Chang is from Taipei, Taiwan. He is on the cross country team and is currently working on joining other track and field events. “I want to share Taiwanese culture with Americans,” Chang said. “It’s been really good so far. I joined cross country, and they treat me like really good friends. My house family treats me like their own family.”

Usually, there are about three exchange students every year, but this year there are five due to the rebound from COVID-19. Each student is only in America for a year.

At home, Bordelanne enjoys fishing, traveling, and golf. In America, he has played golf and gone fishing with his house family, and he has been working on improving his English. 

“I want to learn as much as possible about your culture,” Bordelanne said. “I’m here to improve my English, so I want to chat with people. There is no specific thing I want to do. My only goal is to find out about your life here and enjoy it.”