Agriculture and Livestock Classes Hatch Chicken Eggs


Photo by Conner Belcher

The baby chicks the classes hatched live in a house outside the classroom.

Conner Belcher, Staff Writer

     The Principles of Agriculture and Livestock Production classes hatched chicken eggs. Over the course of a couple weeks, students incubated and studied the stages of their egg.

     “Students learned the daily development of the egg during the incubation process,” agriculture teacher Stephen Hindman said. “We candled the eggs every week to monitor the development of the chicks.”

     Each student was in charge of an egg and responsible for hatching it after development was complete. The chicks are now hatched and living in the classroom.

     “I feel this is a great project that we got to do,” Hindman said. “It’s only thanks to Smith County Extension Agent Skyler Shively that brought the eggs and incubator to us to use.”