Juuls: Update on Recent Events


Brock Hines

Photo by Nery Zarate on Unsplash

Brock Hines, Staff Writer

Many teens don’t see vaping as an epidemic across the US. Rather, many see the onset of the modern vape, e-cigarette, as less harmful than cigarettes with few if any risks associated with it. This understanding continued throughout the early 2000’s as the onset of the modern vape came to popularity during the turn of the century as a new way to battle against tobacco use. 

Then the increased popularity of the vape found its way into teens mouth and lungs. Now this epidemic has resulted in a reported 18 deaths, as reported by CDC on Oct. 7, 2019. Not only have the deaths been reason enough for policy change, many scientists are unable to track the future health issues associated with vaping. Currently there are 193 total hospitalizations due to vaping with long lasting effects. Scientists are unable to pinpoint what in the vape is causing the health related issues or what bodily functions vape effects.

The onset health issues concerned with vaping has warranted policy changes on the national and state level. On October 9, 2019 Washington state banned the sale of flavored vapes which came after the launching of the FDA investigation into vapes. They are the latest state to take a stance against vaping following after Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, and parts of California. This policy change is critical because it comes after President Trump announcing his push for banning the sale of flavored vapes throughout the nation. The new law represents states taking a stance against vaping in schools. The other effect of the new policy and criticism is the resignation of the CEO of the Juul company. Along with the halting of sales of E-cigarettes at Walmart, according to CNBC, lost the Juul company lost over 30% of its value.

The ever presence of E-cigarettes have become an epidemic in the late 2000’s and its presence have only proliferated into the mouths of teens and the words of officials. 


Featured photo taken from Nery Zarate at https://unsplash.com/photos/5AeWY1scy-Q