Important Changes For Students To Know: Fire Drills

Science classes will now exit through this hallway and stand in front of the Performing Arts Center. This will be in place until construction ends.

Caroline Phillips, Assistant Editor of Sports, Social Officer

Due to ongoing construction around the building, fire drill routes have changed. Science and ag classes will have different routes during fire drills. No one is to leave the building into areas of construction at any time. 

“Normally, the science hallway would exit out the back of the building [during a fire drill], but because of construction it is not possible,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. 

All science teachers will take the front entrance door by the lecture room and wait by the Performing Arts Center. All other classes will continue to exit as normal for the fire drills unless instructed otherwise, and new routes will be in place until further notice.

“As far as fire drills are concerned, it is going to be hard for us to move people down the back of the building,” Chilek said. “So, if the science hall comes out [through the lecture room entrance], it will be much safer for everyone.”

Agriculture classes such as welding, floral design and wildlife will exit the vocational building and walk down to the agricultural barns using designated walking lanes. Athletics will stand behind the locker rooms near the vocational building.

“This prevents the back parking lot from being packed,” Chilek said. “Previously, the athletic classes and [agriculture] classes would be clustered behind the building.”

Everyone should be back on their normal routes starting next year or whenever construction is completed.

“I just want everyone to be safe,” Chilek said. “As long as everyone follows the rules and avoids the construction it should be great.”