The Struggles of Indecisiveness


Brady Blaylock

A student holds up a fortune teller with choices written. This is a representation of what I have to go through.

Should I eat pizza or a burger? Wait… chicken sounds really good right now. Should I wear this shirt? No. I’ll wear that Thursday. I want light colored clothes, but I can’t find many that I like. How do I begin to respond to what this person said? It’s been 12 minutes, and I have no idea what to say. How should I write this blog? I hardly know how to start this.

What you just read is a look into what I have to sit through: listening to the voice in my head running around in circles in a desperate attempt to decide simple things. Many teenagers find themselves dealing with indecisiveness to a certain extent. However for some people, it tends to grab them by the neck and ruin their lives on a daily basis. If you couldn’t tell by this point, I am one of those people.

After all, you can’t experience success without pushing through the experience of failure.”

Being an indecisive person leads the everyday life to be a little more difficult than it undoubtedly should be. Especially when you are trying to agree on a final decision with another person who just so happens to be the same way. Trying to decide on what place to eat with another indecisive person who is also very picky is stressful, and nobody wants to do that. A significant amount of time is wasted when that time could be used to eat some pretty good food instead.

A lot of children tend to be indecisive, which is completely normal and understandable. Over time, they grow up living their lives and eventually rid themselves of this habit, but some people never truly get rid of it. I, for one, evidently did not get rid of this issue. This is something I most definitely find myself struggling with even more as the years go on.

With all of this being said, I am aware that this is something I need to improve on. Trust me, I have tried to get better and have failed over and over again in my desperate attempts for success. After all, you can’t experience success without pushing through the experience of failure.