Senior Shoots for Cash at TJC Scholarship Event

Senior Teigan Edwards accepts a check on behalf of LHS for $6000 from TJC for the Lindale Endowment program.

Senior Teigan Edwards participated as the Lindale representative in the TJC Jimmy Butler Shootout Saturday in Tyler.  The event was held as part of the college’s Promise campaign.

“It was pretty cool to be picked out of everybody,” Edwards said.   “This is a big opportunity for me.”

The shootout was part of an exhibition basketball game honoring NBA player and TJC alum Jimmy Butler.  As part of the halftime activities, student representatives from area high schools shot free throws and three-pointers for monetary prizes.  The money won will be dedicated to community scholarships as part of the Promise program at TJC.

“Events like this provide such a positive impact on young men because [they] provide a sense of validation for all of their hard work on the court and in the classroom,” head basketball coach Christopher Grotemat said.

Edwards won $6000 towards Lindale’s endowment of community scholarship funds. He was able to meet and interact with NBA player Jimmy Butler and watch the TJC exhibition game at Wagstaff Gym.

“As coaches, we want to use athletics as a platform to teach young people lessons about work ethic, discipline, and character that will serve the student-athlete long after their playing careers are over,” Grotemat said. “There is nothing more gratifying than watching one of your players succeed in their academic or personal pursuits.”

Edwards was chosen for the honor of representing Lindale for his excellence on the court and in the classroom.  He is known on campus as being an outstanding example of integrity, sportsmanship, and character.

“He’s a terrific student and a servant leader,” Grotemat said.  “Earning the right to represent your school based on one’s character and other intangibles is truly something special. He’s the perfect choice for something like this.”