Theatre Develops Two Fall Productions

Directors Taylor Jarman and Kari McKenzie split to produce two fall performances rather than one.


Annie Evans

Sam Payne and Alex Gaba rehearse Taming of the Shrew. The two blocked their scene together.

The theatre department is preparing to premiere two shows opening September 21. Taylor Jarman is directing The Liar, and Kari McKenzie is directing Taming of the Shrew.

“Directing a show by myself is interesting,” director Taylor Jarman said. “Normally, you have two people that are working towards the same thing but making different decisions. Now, it’s just me.”

Both shows open the same weekend, however, one will be presented in the Black Box, or the theatre room, and the other will be performed on the main stage in the Performing Arts Center. This difference calls for contrasting techniques to be used by actors.

“I would have preferred mine to be in the black box,” director Kari McKenzie said. “It is a whole new dynamic for actors to have the audience just a foot away.”

The shows each have a different style. Jarman is developing a French farce, while McKenzie’s show is a Shakespearean play.

I love doing two productions at the same time!”

— Kaylea Clay

“In The Liar, all of the lines are comedic,” senior actress Kayleigh Melvin said. “But, with Taming of the Shrew, it’s physical comedy that you have to add to the lines.”

Producing two plays rather than one involves more students with the program. Instead of one cast of twenty-five, together both shows consist of forty-two students.

“I love doing two productions at the same time,” junior stage manager Kaylea Clay said. “It’s nice because it gets more people involved in our theatre program, and it gives the opportunity for newbies to get on stage with many experienced actors.”


Taming of the Shrew Cast List

Lucentio- Alex Gaba

Tranio- Josh Smith

Baptista- Haley Bass

Katharina- Maddie Mezzell

Hortensio- Sam Payne

Bianca- Kayleigh Melvin

Gremio- Sarah McCeig

Biondello- Dakotah Harris

Pertuchio- Evan Howell

Grumio- Chase Welvaert

Curtis, Maidservant, Townsperson- Kayleigh Horstkamp

Pedent, Townsperson- Kaleb Cole

Nathaniel, Townsperson- Garrett Cameron

Peggy, Widow, Townsperson- Sarah Richardson

Mary, Townsperson- Halle Lambert

Ellie, Townsperson- Megan Johnson

Bonnetmaker, Townsperson- Aalia Weber

Tailor, Townsperson- Nalany Hernandez

Maidservant, Townsperson- Ainsley Smith

Maidservant, Townsperson- Anna Thompson

Maidservant, Townsperson- Victoria Ricketts

Stage Manager- Annie Evans

Asst. Stage Manager- Nalany Hernandez

Sound- Abby Payne

Lights- Hannah Boyer

Stagehands- Morghan Davis and Abigail Powell


The Liar Cast List

Dorante- Giddeon Storkson

Geronte- Luke Sims

Cliton- Elvis Farmer

Clarice- Alli Somes

Lucrece- Emma Cook

Alcippe- Julia Austin

Philliste- Carter Colvin

Isabelle/ Sabine- Cameron Hilliard

Maids- Sarah Carter, Grace Yancy, and Sophia Taylor

Stage Manager- Kaylea Clay

Asst. Stage Manager- Sarah Carter

Sound- Caleb Lawrence

Lights- Savannah Lillich

Stagehand- Carlin Root