Yearbook Staff Sponsors Photography Contest


Sarah Day

This is a picture that yearbook staff member Sarah Day took. Members of the yearbook staff hope to receive submissions such as this one.

Yearbooks are much more than books. They are mementos and they are representations of the students they embody. Yearbooks represent a found past of high school and an exciting new future. This is the consensus that the 2017-18 yearbook staff is inspired by.

The school’s yearbook staff is holding a photography contest where students can submit pictures they have taken to be displayed in the upcoming yearbook. The deadline to submit photos is December 15.

“The yearbook from this year has been inspired by the concept of a new era,” yearbook advisor Neda Morrow said. “Last year our book was over the last 75 years; it was an historical book. This year’s staff wanted to create a book that was new and fresh and had the future in mind. So to do that they created the sunrise/sunset theme, so in other words the sun setting on an old era and rising on a new one.”

The yearbook staff is looking for sunset and sunrise pictures to be featured in the 2018 yearbook. These pictures will be displayed in the section dividers as well as in smaller modules throughout the book.

“We want more student involvement,” Morrow said. “Kids like to take their own photographs and so we want to incorporate more student body work into this particular yearbook, so we’ve created the photography contest. There are two separate areas– we have a couple of little modules that we’re going to make that have sunset pictures in them. The divider sheets for all of the sections in the book will be pictures that somebody has submitted of sunsets and sunrises that occur around Lindale.”

The yearbook staff is very passionate about making sure the students enjoy the new yearbook. That’s why they created the photography contest, so that students felt as though they contributed to the work.

“This particular generation likes to have feeds and blogs and stories and pages,” Morrow said. “And they like to have their pictures seen or shared. So this is a way we can make it a more collaborative event with the student body itself. 

I am very excited for this contest and already have lots of amazing entries from students. Whether it is a photo taken on your phone or a photo taken with a professional camera, all sunset photos are welcome for entry.”

— Neda Morrow