An apple a day

Teacher receives classroom set of iPads

Sally Clemmons and her students have used the newly acquired classroom set of ipads every day since their arrival September 5. So far, they have made flash cards, presentations, and used Quizlet.

   “The goal is to use more apps that are educational,” Clemmons said. “I don’t want to use these ipads just to use them. I want to really learn with them while making it fun.”

   The different apps used so far range from anatomical guides to a military time game. One app, Heart Decide, even gives an up close look of how the heart works, allowing varying perspectives not seen in textbooks.

   “I do like the textbooks, and we use them a lot,” Clemmons said. “However, education is changing. There is a lot more to it now than just looking at a book.”

   Along with the iPads, the classroom has Apple TV. This allows students to project whatever is on their screen, including presentations and flash cards.

   “For us, the ipad is a great tool for study and research,” junior Tyler Clark said. “They help bring the conveniencey of modern technology to the classroom.”