Art Club Goes on Excursion


Sydney Smith

Art club member works on cross-stitching. He will be going on the art club excursion this weekend.

The high school’s art club is going on their first excursion this Saturday, October 14. The art club members will be going to the Edom Arts Festival and then will be traveling to the town of Ben Wheeler to take photos.

“On these excursions we take a lot of pictures for references and competition purposes,” art club sponsor Rebecca  Harrison said. “We also try to go to a lot of different museums; this month we decided to go to the Edom Arts Festival so that the students can meet a lot of different artists in a lot of different fields.”

Art club is strictly emails and excursions, meaning that they do not attend regular meetings each week. At the beginning of the year, members were asked to pay a small fee and put their contact information on the mailing list in order to be informed of upcoming events.

“Art club is available to all LHS students,” Harrison said. “I send out everything via email, and students reply that way. Every club wants to meet once a week, so this is a way for students to still participate if they are super, super busy.”

This [club] is a way for students to still participate if they are super, super busy.”

— Rebecca Harrison

Given that this is the first excursion of the year, this will be the first art club experience for many freshman and new club members. Art club is an opportunity for art students to spend time and learn from other like-minded, artistic individuals of the high school.

“I always have been interested in art,” freshman Ben Roach said. “It’s really fun to be around people that have the same interests as you.”

Students are allowed to check out cameras from the school for the outing, and only the first 14 people who sign up for the event are allowed to go. The plan and date of the outing was chosen out of four different options by art club members.

“I enjoy the times that we get together and go on the excursions,” senior Sarah Day said. “It’s especially enjoyable when your friends go as well. Once you’re at the destination, you get to go anywhere you want and you aren’t limited to just doing one thing.”