Art in action

Students art projects on display in the school library. The independent sculptures feature short descriptions of each piece.

Rebecca Harrison’s art students are pursuing their artistic interests through a project based on their independent abilities.

“Students are working on an independent sculpture that they are creating solely on their own,” Harrison said. “Imagination and resource photographs- It’s to express a message about their artwork.”

The project has been assigned to be completed within six days, but the schedule is flexible depending on the intensity of the students’ work. Each student works independently to complete their sculpture in the classroom.

“My independent sculpture is going to be a tree with more of a scene than an individual sculpture,” freshman Nathan Feuquay said. “The inspiration for this piece of artwork comes from my former artwork where there are always trees involved in it and I decided ‘Why change, let’s just do what happens normally’.”

The students were assigned to create a sculpture using their self-inspiration and skills. Varying sculptures are created using a wide array of materials consisting of everything from cardboard to popsicle sticks.

“I like being in art because you get to express yourself and there really are no boundaries on what you can do,” Feuquay said. “It’s really your opinion on what looks good and if you consider that art.”

All of the art students have the opportunity to pursue what interests them the most in the class. Each six weeks students are introduced to a new medium and must adapt to a new style or art form.

“I absolutely love to watch the kids create to see that lightbulb and then to also see them really begin to learn and scaffold the things that we’ve been learning about and talking about throughout the class,” Harrison said.