Debate competes at North Lamar

A small Lindale Speech and Debate Team travelled to Paris North Lamar on Saturday.  In total we took eleven students, seven of which were freshmen.  In the end we walked away with the TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP!  This is an incredible accomplishment for these students to travel so far and then collectively step up and do well.  In the end 9 of our 11 students placed (and the other two finished 7th, just out of the placing).  It was a great trip.
Full results are:
North Lamar (October 15) – FIRST PLACE SWEEPSTAKES

2nd Novice Policy Debate – James Grady (’20) and Jeremy Guidotti (’20)
Jeremy was Top Speaker
3rd Novice Policy Debate – Autumn Ellgass (’20) and Matthew Grady (’20)
6th Varsity LD Debate – Tyler Meador (’18)
6th Novice LD Debate – Travis Stringer (’18)
4th Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
6th Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking – Haley Bass (’20)
1st Original Oratory – Samantha Rodden (’19)
2nd Original Oratory – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19)
1st Duo Interpretation – Ashlyn Ellgass (’19) and Autumn Ellgass (’20)
2nd Humorous Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)
1st Prose Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)
1st Poetry Interpretation – Samantha Rodden (’19)